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May 11, 2006

Corporate Travel

So, Cogswell sent me to Denver.

Got in on a Sunday night, and the airport shuttle took us through an AWFUL part of town (homeless shelter with neon Jesus Saves cross outside and lots of scary looking dudes there, too) getting us downtown. The outskirts of town are daggone ugly.

There are no trees, and no hills. Well, except for the Rockies in the distance.

I couldn’t sleep past 4, but lay in bed til 5. I went down to the hotel gym, and worked out on an elliptical for 1 hour. The machine had it’s own tv so the time flew. Went back upstairs to shower, then downstairs to the Starbucks for breakfast…

To find out that this office has 4 kinds of Starbucks made for them here, fresh, and free. All drinks are free.
The offices are sweet, the cubes are beat, but the view… they’re up high in a high-rise, and they can see the Rockies in the distance.

We walked to a fish taco place for lunch (was good despite sounding bad), and I got a sunburn between the walk and sitting outside for 30 minutes to eat. It’s 80 degrees out and not a drop of humidity. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like it in Philly.

It’s supposed to snow tomorrow morning – quite heavily.

Everyone here is thin. The fat people are my size. They all ski and hike and climb and run – they have their kids on skis at age 2.

None of them drank “diet” at lunch.

It’s a very different culture – much younger, even when they’re the same age. I’d probably like it, if it didn’t snow so much!!



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