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December 20, 2005

Of Bolivian Presidents and Cowboys

So Bolivians elected themselves a new president. His sole platform? “I hate the USA.”

I got to thinking, this is a very common feeling among the world. They hate us. We can’t point out where they are on a map.

Kinda reminds me of football fans. Everyone hates the Cowboys. Here in Iggles territory, they’re considered a “chief rivalry.” Yet, the Cowboys fans couldn’t give a rat’s posterior about the Eagles.

It’s that shining example of superiority of mettle that seems to rub envious people the wrong way. Everyone hates the US because we had a long stretch of being powerful; we’ll do whatever it takes to stay that way; and we don’t really care what the banana republics of the world think about us. It’s the same way with the Cowboys.

God Bless America’s Team.


(for those who don’t know me, I hate football, and this post was mostly tongue in cheek… though it does have a very small grain of truth to it. I just like to ruffle feathers. Tee hee.)



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