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November 09, 2005

Christmas Parties...

Here at Spaceley's, we have a traditional "Holiday Party" in December. (side note, why can't we just call it a Christmas party and be done? Those PC police need smacking, I tell you.)

In the beginning, it was a big fun afternoon with all involved in crazy present swaps. Then idioits started getting offended by the joke presents. So that stopped, and we just had luncheons.

Then, we got lots of management.

Now, we have a soiree at some glitzy club on some Thursday in December. Spouses cost extra to come. Contractors cost extra.

I don't go to the party. There are lots of reasons - don't like the invite list, it's far away from home, etc, etc but it really comes down to I'm an AntiSocial Bastard and Like It That Way.

Last year I got "counseled" 3 times... "Why aren't you attending the party?" As new management, how many times will I get bugged about this? Bets? Think Mr. Spacely himself gives a rat's posterior?

We'll find out. 3 weeks...



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