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November 13, 2005

Voluntary Actions

So, the family of birdwoman has been going to church on a regular basis for the last couple of months. For about 7 years, we have attended the same church, but we've bounced between services and not really talked to anyone, so everyone thought we were visitors every week.

Then, we spawned.

We're in agreement that Sunday school and church are very important for sprogs, so we've given up our Sunday mornings to the cause. In fact, I've even gone and joined the choir - since I'm gonna be there, I may as well torture people with the nasty, cloying sound of my voice.

So, I'm talking to one of the vestry dudes one day, and he was talking about how old and nasty the nametags were. I said something to the tune of - well, they're done in calligraphy by hand, but you could probably do it pretty easily on computer, these days.

Guess who just volunteered to do nametags?!

So, I brought home the nametag stuff today (and the dudes gave me 100 nametags for 150 people. Nice.) They didn't give me an electronic copy of the names, but instead, a paper copy. So, I'm typing along when I come across the worst name in history.

Dude's name is Dick Major.

And at school, he was certainly a Major, Dick.

At least I amused myself!



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