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November 12, 2005

What I Did On My Veteran's Day Vacation

First off, if there are any soldiers, sailors, airmen, etc reading this THANK you for your service. This country is great because people like you make it possible. Thank you.

I took the Heir to New Ork City yesterday for his birthday present. Throughout the day, we saw quite a number of vets going up to the parade or comingback from it. Sean was duly impressed. We did not, however, go to the parade. It was too daggone cold.

We went, instead, to the
Museum of Natural History to look at the dinosaur bones. What a really different museum that is. Most of it is taxodermy, for those who aren't in the know. 4 stories of dead, stuffed animals posed in their "natural" habitat. It's cool, but the PC policed have trained me to think of it as "wrong" in some fundamental part of me. The kids at the museum, though (and they were legion) loved it.

disappointed: "It's not real."
"It used to be real. Then it got dead. And stuffed."
awe-struck pause "Coooool!"

Lunch was
Jekyll and Hyde's - it's a theme restaurant, where I suppose the theme is all the halloween type stuff. There are actors keeping a running entertainment spiel - all with "British" accents. I think this could only work in New York, where there are enough eager broadway-wannabe's that they can keep a decent staff. The wait was long, but it was worth it to see Sean's face through the whole meal.

We rounded out the afternoon with a trip to
Toys R Us. The store is right on Times Square, and is HUGE for those who haven't been. There's a life-size T-Rex on one floor, animatronic... Sean was actually scared until I made him touch the foot to prove it wasn't really real. Then he didn't want to leave. Unfortunately, the trains in Philly were not running after 8, so I had to make sure we got home plenty early... besides, he was exhausted enough from all the excitement.

I ended up carrying him (he's a pretty big kid, too) for about 2 miles. I thought I was in good shape, as I run 20-25 miles a week and do crunches and basic weights. I am in a serious ache this morning, though.



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