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June 09, 2005

Uncle Reg, What Have You Done?

Did I ever tell you that I’m an Elton John fan? No?

From “Take Me To The Pilot” through “Billy Bones and the White Bird” and the disco years of “Mama Can’t Buy You Love” up through the “Club At The End Of The Street,” I have dozens of cd’s (yes, and tapes) of EJ.

And I defy anyone of my generation to say that they Don’t have an Elton John song somewhere in their psyche that makes them smile, just to hear a riff.

But something happened. It happens to all artists, I guess. They mellow out, get all their wishes granted, whatever. They lose their edge. I guess it saddens me most with Elton because he was good for so long. Starting with “The One” and through that awful rendition of “Candle In The Wind,” I’ve lost the faith. I haven’t even given Peachtree Iced Tea, or whatever the new album is called, a listen. I only know there’s a new album because XM was hawking it a while ago.

I prefer to pretend that he stopped making music around 1990. I mean, he’s one prolific dude. I have plenty to choose from even excluding 15+ years of music.

Comments? What's your elton john song of choice?



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