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June 21, 2005

Rogue Bloggers!

We were watching Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets the other night - they had the uncut version on ABC Family. John hasn’t been into Harry Potter at all, so he started pestering me with questions (we had picked up somewhere around the first quiddich match). Watching the scene where Dobby corners Harry in the sick ward, John says, “Is that the guy who sent the rogue blogger after Harry?”


“You know, that ball that broke his arm?”

Pause “Oh, you mean bludger!”

“Yeah, that’s what I said.”

I start to snicker – thinking of Rita Skeeter blogging about Harry. Whole new meaning of rogue blogger.

Then, I hear John huff. He’s getting all mad, thinking I’m laughing at him. Which makes me laugh harder, because if he only knew… I’m so sad…

Oh well, he married me, after all. I guess he does know. Deserves an award, that one.



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