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June 06, 2005

The Curse of Billy Penn

So, after the Moth woke up from his nap yesterday, the Clan of Birdwoman took a trip over to the Philadelphia Zoo. We have a membership, see, so we get in free now. Late afternoon entrance means good parking, few lines, and no excuse to linger.

Nothing like a whirlwind tour of the reptile house to round out a Sunday afternoon.

For the first time, the
ZooBalloon was actually functional while we were at the zoo. Once we got to the top, I figured out why they close it so often. Even with the leaden air of yesterday (high humidity, no wind on the ground), the balloon was a-shakin and a-groovin.

To keep your mind off the fact that your fate is entirely controlled by a cable and helium balloon maintained by Philadelphia’s top cracker-jack union engineers (let’s ask
since Billy got overshadowed. At least, that’s what the voice of the zooballoon had to say.

Hey, if Boston got over Babe, maybe Philly can get over Billy. Only time will tell.



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