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May 31, 2005

45 Days

Well, the Moth has been quite ill for the last week – giving his mother terrible visions of fever-induced seizures and blindness due to severe eye-infection and wasting away due to not eating… to quote “The Crow,” I never was too good at this Mommy shit.

Kids make me nervous. Especially when they’re sick.

Also, I’ve been going back through books 1-5, in anticipation. I’m just aquiver to know – what kind of OWLS will the trio get? Have we heard the last of Umbridge? Will Percy EVER get his head out of his butt? 45 days from now, most of the world will find out. I, however, will be waiting for my edition to come over via owl from the UK… so I guess I’ll have more like 60 days to wait…

(for those who are still in the dark, I’m a
Harry Potter nut, and am full of anticipation for the next book. The suspense is terrible, I hope it lasts…)

Meanwhile, I’m gonna go visit some of my fellow blogs that I’ve avoided for a week or so. I’m anxious to see how everyone’s doing…



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