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April 12, 2005

Lonely No More

Brings a tear to a flightless hag’s eye, this story does.

Two Falcons Nest High Above Urban Wilderness (reg req)

For 52 days she waited alone, perched on her concrete aerie, wondering, perhaps,
what had become of her mate…
Then suddenly - on Valentine's Day - he appeared. A male falcon, still bearing his youthful ruffled plumage, swooped by the 15th-floor window ledge of a state office building near the Capitol…
How the young male found her in his wanderings and why she accepted him are a
The original male falcon, first spotted near the Rachel Carson State Office Building in 1996, suffered a broken wing in a collision last fall and was taken to an area wildlife rescue center, where he will spend the rest of hislife.
The current female, the second to occupy the nest, pined for her mate for almost two months…
Then the male appeared, nervously scoping out the much older female, making sure she was alone. The two now take turns sharing incubation duties.

Sharing incubation duties, a younger man and a bolder woman… who woulda thunk that falcons would be so open-minded. Warms the cockles of my heart.



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