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April 04, 2005

I’m No Athletic Supporter

John's getting ready to watch the NC/Illinois game, and I'm getting ready to go to bed.

I’m a geek.

Sounds like I should join a 12-step program, right? Except the first step is usually admitting there’s a problem. I have no problem with being a geek. Geeks have the best toys.

My parents were both athletic when they were young – hell, my dad lost his teeth playing ice hockey after he already had something like 5 kids at home. Most of my sibs played sports of some type. I played field hockey for a year. I hated Hated HATED it. Now, I exercise, but you still wouldn’t catch me even thinking of joining any kind of team sport. You also won’t find me watching any sort of team sport.

As a geek, I like to study the behavior of my fellow geeks. I work in IT and am surrounded by geeks. Almost without exception, we were the kids in high school who the jocks picked on, or we were just the kids who avoided jocks. I’ll bet most of my co-workers didn’t go to high school or college athletic events on a regular basis. And yet, my co-workers get caught up in sports.

I’m wondering – just what is it about sport that people find so addicting? It’s not like most fans are playing the game. It’s not even like a lot of you EVER played the game. What’s so entertaining about it?



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