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February 16, 2005

One Channel Removed from My Menu

One of the indulgences we have at the Dusty Aviary is DirectTV. Satellite television is certainly not a necessity, and in our house, it’s definitely a luxury. We have a receiver that is a few years old, but it does have some neat perks, like our own channel lists. I can choose from the hundreds of options which ones I deem worthy of perusing.

Up until today, all of the music channels (well, except the country and rap ones) were on that list. MTV, MTV2, VH1, VH1Classic, and Fuse (or whatever that’s called these days) were all possibilities. I’m always willing to page through these guys in my quest for different music.

But last night, watching MTV was like watching a goddamn car wreck. I couldn’t bring myself to turn the channel as I sickly watched one of their new shows:
sweet 16.

I know that people have complained about MTV not showing music at all anymore, and showing stupid-ass original series, but this one, for some reason, really grossed me out.

The entire purpose of this show is to feature one completely spoiled-to-the-rotten-core sixteen-year-old kid, and the party he or she is gonna have for his or her 16th. (And in finding the website, I see that they do, indeed, sometimes feature boys. Gak.)

Last night’s chicky-poo was half Jewish, half Muslim, and she had to choose between a Bah Mitzvah and a Sweet Sixteen. Of course, we all know what she chose. And it was so very important to her to make sure that her party was so much better than anyone else’s. And she’s so, like, unique, don’t you know.

She’s like the slutty snobby bad girl from every teen flick I’ve ever seen. (yes, I have a proclivity for bad teen flicks. I never said my taste was great.)

And MTV is making her a hero. They’re dying to make more Paris Hiltons. Like, I even want to know WHY I know that name! What the hell as Paris Hilton EVER done, besides a cameo on Veronica Mars (a great tv show, by the by) and some, shall we say, risqué home videos? And why would you want to make America’s teen populous want to aspire to that notoriety?

I just don’t get it.



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