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February 21, 2005

50 Things I Love About Philly In No Order Particularly - #46

(Like the title says, this is a list of things I've loved about philly, in the 17 years I've lived in this area. Also, like the title says, they're in no particular order. It's also not an inculsive list. These were just the first fifty that popped into my head. I'm gonna dish one up fresh, weekly. Also, I've started at the "bottom" to keep you tuned in. It's part of my nefarious plan for readership. Mwa-ha-ha-haaaaa.)

The Whosoever Gospel Mission

During my time as a student in Philly, I didn’t have a lot of floating cash. I also didn’t have parents who had any money to lend me, appreciably. So, I took some jobs and I lived in the cheapest places I could find.

One of the places I lived in was Germantown.

Germantown is in the north west area of the city. There are some really neat old houses back there. I lived with a bunch of musicians in a house that a three story stone wonder, with servants’ stairs and everything. I also counted crack-vials on the ground while walking to the bus-stop.

But I digress.

There were some really neat-oh things in Germantown (nary a grocery story among them), and one of the neatest was a very special thrift shop. It was called the Whosoever Gospel Mission.

I don’t know if there are more than one of these things in the world. I’m pretty sure there’s only one in Philly. It is THE place to buy used furniture and dishes and the like. I think that a lot of estates give everything to the mission. We got a table there, and any number of dishes.

What a groovy place. If you find yourself wanting to go “antiquing”, but find antique row a bit out of your range, I’d suggest the mission. If nothing else, the name is worth the trip.



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