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November 27, 2009

Brilliant Friday!

OK, so aside from finally losing the panel on the rear drivers' side door of my car (long story) this has been one fun day.

Today, I slept til I woke up. I haven't done that in I don't know how long. No alarm, no expectation of anything. Got up, cleaned, put up the christmas crap (which Moth LOVES. Must be the lights.) Cleaned some more.

Then watched this movie - Love Actually.

It's the new Christmas phenom. All the chicks dig it. Except me, I think. It's full of unrequited, broken, and baseless love. There's some good stuff in there, too, but too much of it is too "reality" for me. I don't want reality in my movies, thank you very much. At the same time, I really can't suspend disbelief enough to think someone would cheat on Colin Firth. I mean. Really.

The boys had One Big Dustup today. It all stems from the "secret stash". Stinky likes to keep a box of crap under his bed. Pens, stupid little toys, necklaces, makeup... wait, no, that was my secret stash when I was a kid. His doesn't have the makeup. I digress. Moth doesn't particularly want the crap, but he doesn't want Stinky to have it, either. So, whenever Sean is off playing with his friends, Tim will find a way to get up into the stash. We have tried yelling, we have tried hand folding, we have tried sentences, we have tried Slave For A Day (that's my newest punishment, and I must say, it works quite well, usually). None of these deterred young MothMan from terrorizing his brother. Today, he lost Sean's favorite light-up pen.

So daddy... uh... I can't write the word because I'm sure we'll go to jail or, at the very least, my web page will get a whole bunch of hits from bad people, but it starts with an s, ends with a ked, and has a pan in the middle... anyhow, he did that to the Moth. Will it be a deterrent? Don't know. But Stinky feels justified and John feels guilty. And I, well, I was watching a movie. Harvey trait: the whole scene escaped my attention. It's a skill. What can I say?

Speaking of younger sibling rebellion... Loki snuck out of the house today. Now, what is it about dogs, that when they have the penchant for roaming, they have to combine that with the odeur de merde? Don't know what that little pup rolled in, but it sure did make Dad mad. Had to give the dog a bath. Pup has been in the cage ever since. But I can see rebellion fomenting in his eyes. He is, as I have said b4, aptly named. God of mischief, you got nuttin on this pup.

Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving.




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