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December 08, 2007

I’m Kotter

Feel free to welcome me back. Though I don’t know how often I’ll be able to blog.

So, anyway, Stinky and the Moth.

Took Stinky to the movies today – we saw the Golden Compass. (he’s def. my movie buddy. Moth can’t abide sitting through a movie.) When we left the theater, he was chattering a mile a minute about how the war was like the war that he and his friends have out in our woods. He was all a blather about secret weapons and potions that “hurtin your lungs” and the myriad bad guys he and his friends put in jail. It kind of reminded me of green school with Louie and Gluey, as my brothers and sisters might remember I went to.

He’s a hoot.

We went to a closer theater this time. The last movie we went to see was The Seeker, based on another great YA Fantasy series. That one took us all the way out to Collegeville, which is where Sean’s camp had been this summer. So, we’re driving, and he says, “Mom, when we go under this bridge, we’ll be in the land of changing signs.”

I thought he was being metaphysical and Kafka-esque until I noticed that all the billboards after the bridge were the kind that change… such a kid.

Mothman had to get new shoes today – he’s grown 1.5 sizes since July. He’s going to grow into those feet, too, isn’t he. *sigh* Tim is absolutely enamored of trains, and we get out the train that Uncle Johnny gave him a few years ago at Christmastime. So I got it out last week. It’s all he talked about every day… until today. While I took Stinky to the movies, Dad took the Moth out to get a train for around our tree. Tim is hopping with excitement for next week when we put the train up.

He loves trains so much that he was still excited when we got on the LAST train on our excursion to New Ork last week (that’s an 8 train trip from our area). The only thing he liked more was the spaceship ride to Mars (there’s a restaurant there that has a ride that makes you feel like you’re in a spaceship, and when you get out (on the other side), it’s all red and rocky. Only Douglas Quaid was missing.) or maybe the crazy taxi ride.

However, there is one thing the Tim does NOT like (emphatically). Dirty Sugar. When I figure out exactly what dirty sugar is, I’ll be sure to update. At this point, we think it’s anything he doesn’t like, but it probably is a particular taste.


So, that's the recent dispatches. Since I last wrote, Stinky's aged a year, and so has birdwoman. Our kids have turned into the headless horseman and a fireman - then turned back with full sacks of candy in hand. We re-elected all elephants in the burbs, though W is universally reviled here abouts (and of course the Inquirer listed every victory as "a huge challenge by the increasingly strong democrats"). I've finished my last class and just about finished with Spaceleys. And that's about it. Now, I've got to go finish more laundry.

be squawking at ya!

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