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December 15, 2007

It's An Annoying Movie!

It's a wonderful life if you don't get exposed to this saccharine movie. George Bailey is the most annoying whiner ever.

I hate that daggone movie.

Uncle Billy is a damn drunk who should never have been trusted with anything.

Potter was right, it is all sentimental hogwash.


And my stupid husband has played it twice in the last twenty-four hours, putting me in a VERY bad mood. I think I’ll kick him in the balls tonight to make it even.


We (I) cleaned the house and put up the tree and the new electric train today. (To be fair, John has cooked all day and it smells delicious. You all should be jealous.)

The moth has a new addiction. This train is lectric and has a light. There's even enough extra parts to make an "eight track", as Tim called it. I put that together for a few hours, and he couldn't stop watching.

He tries to stop playing with the train, but then he has to go right back to it again. In addition, he has to play his new music player (it plays this tinny version of "Hello my baby..." you know, the song the frog sang in bugs bunny?... over and over again. Thanks Jen and Mike. Really. Wait til next birthday for Jack and Patrick.)

So, Tim's got the train running while he plays his music player. What's that called? Speedballing? I am concerned.


Stinky has lost his second front tooth. Got a buck for it, too. He lost it for one day (did I mention his teacher said he's organization-challenged? That's PC for total slob.) He was heart broken because the tooth fairy would not give him loot if he didn't have the tooth. I asked him what she does with the teeth and he said she makes a city. Ewwww.

He tried to play the "Santa's not real" card this year, testing the water. I treat Satan... errr... Santa a bit different than most parents (Birdwoman, different? Say it ain't so.) Moms and Dads give you most of your toys, and Santa might give you one or two. Santa doesn't have time or money to hand out all the toys in the world, and he can't even make all the toys that he gives out, so parents help out by giving toys to Santa to distribute. We usually give the toys to Santa's helpers, some of whom look like him. You never know when you've got the real Santa or not.

And if you don't believe in him, you just don't get presents from him.

That shut Stinky up, but good.


Meanwhile, it's luminary and carriage night in our neighborhood. And for the first time in 12 years, I missed it. I haven't nagged Dirt Bird to finish the chronicles this year, so I honestly don't know if we're even going to send them. Sigh. At least I can catch my breath before starting the next job.


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