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August 17, 2006

Star Trek TNG with Wings!!

Stinky has a new fave show (thanks to Mom!). He’s totally addicted to Gargoyles. So, as I sit at the computer in the morning (our hours have changed, meaning I have much less time in the evening for things like blogging), he watches Gargoyles.

At first, I noticed that the voice of the “bad” guy was very familiar. John said, isn’t that “number two”? (if you watch TNG, you’ll know that Picard refers to Riker as “number one” and, in a literary allusion, the quality show Beavis and Butthead took that to the next level calling him “number two.” Male humor. Got to love it!). Indeed, Jonathan Frakes is a voice.

Then, a few days later, I noticed that the female baddy had a very familiar brogue, as Aunt Florence would say. It’s Troi!!

Today, a new voice showed up – I didn’t know Klingons were on Gargoyles… Michael Dorn also voiced for this show.

If I hear someone reversing the polarity of something tomorrow when I’m drinking coffee, I know the takeover is complete!




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