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July 07, 2006

I Am… Batman

Don’t you love that Snickers’ commercial? Anyway.

My kids, after watching Spiderman and His Amazing Friends (Firestar and Iceman, a.k.a. cameltoe and loser, according to John) for the last few weeks, my kids have been going around pretending to be superheroes.

One of the games John and I used to play while we were getting to know each other was “strange superhero powers.”

One of his was the ability to wish uncontrolled, loud flatulence on people. Especially people talking in meetings that he was forced to attend.

One of mine was the ability to make all trash on the street go to the bed of the persons who threw it out into the street. (brought to mind while blog surfing and seeing
this picture. Yukk. Imagine finding pieces of this in your bed, especially if you’re a person who litters. )

What’s your weird superhero power?



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