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August 17, 2006

Our Right to Cheat!

I read with interest an article in the Inquirer (reg req) yesterday.

It seems that the Parking Authority in Philly is in charge of the taxi drivers. (now, there’s probably a whole commentary that could be written about that…) The PA wants to put GPS in all of the taxis. Ostensibly, they say it’s to ensure that a driver cannot lie about their position when a dispatcher calls. I imagine they also want to use it to check for taxi drivers who lie about their destination, pocketing the difference in fairs. And maybe, just maybe, they could use it to make sure that drivers are taking the most direct route and not rooking the customer.

None of this is what interested me, though.

The taxi drivers are going on strike. They totally hate the idea of the owners of the cabs knowing where the cabs are at all points in time.

I’ve thought and thought and I cannot come up with a logical reason, besides defending their right to either sloth or avarice, why the taxi drivers would strike.

But I do find it interesting!




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