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August 17, 2006

Business Speak

Once again, the Inquirer is fodder for thought (usually it’s just fodder for chagrin… but I’ve managed to stay away from their political spin lately).

The front page of the business section today has a list of common business clichés. “At the end of the day” heads up the list, but there are others like “low hanging fruit” and “think outside the box” which also made the list and annoy me to no end (Spaceley’s former CIO used those ALL THE TIME.)

However, I notice that the most commonly used phrases around Spaceley’s these days are not in the list:
“efficiency committee”
“layoff package”
“wall of attrition”
“not my problem”
(after looking over shoulders for eaves-droppers) “will you give me a reference?”

Rumor has it that there’s a Chinese curse: may you live in interesting times. At Spaceley’s, these are definitely… interesting times. Put that together with the world at war (interesting times seem to be contagious?), and I’ve gone into full information retreat.

Blogging will continue to be light, as my mood is not, and Jane Austen is proving a better outlet for my creative juices than the Dusty Aviary. But I will be back, at random moments like this.




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