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April 05, 2006

Mothisms: a Mommy moment

Timmy is getting to the point where he talks and sings a lot, and he doesn’t quite get the words. When Grandma was here, he learned lots of songs like, from the sound of music:

“Do: a deer a female deer, re: a drop of guggen sun, mi: a name I call me-self…”

And, for those who know Mitch Miller:

“When the red, red robbin goes bob-bob-bobbin along…. Wake up, wake up you sleepyhead. Get up, get outta my bed…”

His most impressive feat is the planets. John hung the planets from the ceiling, and Tim not only knows the planets in order, but he can tell you which one is which. “Mercree, Penus, Erff, Mars, Jupitah, Saturn, Unanus, Neptune, Pluto!”

He really is cool. And I’m recording all this on MP3, for later blackmail.




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