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April 05, 2006

Smoke Free Philadelphia

(3 posts in one night! I've been saving up!)

Mayor Street and his corrupt nanny henchmen are bound and determined to have a smoke-free city by 2008. They want all public places fume-free. Some would say it’s an honourable goal. Some would say it’s overstepping governmental bounds (I’m in that camp).

However, I think there’s something that should be exposed.

City Hall has been “smoke free” for dozens of years. On the books.

I have an acquaintance who works as an intern there. She hates it. Know why? She’s working in an office with two chain smokers who don’t bother to leave the building. They smoke at their desks. In the judge’s chambers. In city hall.

I don’t know about any other office buildings, but the ones I work in, well, you’d be lynched if you tried that. Heck, we don’t even let people smoke next to doors at Spaceleys… errr… I guess we’re actually Cogswells, now. But city hall, who proposes to force all bars and restaurants to kick smokers out at the business’ detriment, can’t even enforce their own stupid, insane, rights-infringing rules.

That’s just one reason to hate big government: double standards.




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