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January 09, 2006

I'm Gonna Be RICH

OK, so this dude in Britain has sued the state.

He was a cop who, he claimed, was discriminated against because of his color.

BUT, it's not what you think.

He says that political correctness caused the system to OVER promote him - put him into jobs where he was not qualified - simply because of his race.

Because he wasn't experienced or trained enough, he made mistakes, which caused him to lose his position and put a mark on his record.

Since the state settled, they must agree.

I think I'll go sue Princeton for letting me in simply because I was a white chick. There was NO WAY I should have been there, otherwise. They were having a hard time finding white chicks - so they let in a bunch of us who were sub-standard. How do I know? We all - to a man... er woman - failed our general exams. Let me tell you, the stress that this put upon me; the years of mental anguish I suffered trying to pass in a program in which I did not belong?! Dude!

(Of course I wouldn't sue. They gave me a marvellous opportunity. It's not their fault I'm a moron!! But the truth of the matter is, I should not have been there, and it was insulting to those who got in on merit that I was.)

The pendulum is swinging. Amen.


(hat tip to Tim Blair)



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