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October 10, 2005

Boys Dust Birds

It’s been a long couple of decades for me - a Coyboys fan (if any football fan at all - I'm not really a sports follower) buried in the heart of Eagles fanaticism.

See, I grew up with a score of older brothers. Well, not a score. But a bunch. One of the ones who picked on me most was (is) a big Cowboys fan. It was a huge stunner when I went to Temple to find that Eagles fans HATE the Cowboys. For the most part, Cowboys fans don’t give a flying crap about the Eagles. But Philly fans continue to call it a “rivalry.”

In the past few years, well, the Boys have kinda stunk. But that’s ok. They’re still the Cowboys.

And last night, they kicked some tail feathers.

Puts a smile on my face, though honestly, it’s mostly because it pisses off the crazy-ass Iggles fans in sout filly. Here’s to you guys who used to scream and party all night when I was trying to study or sleep:

Cowboys 33 Eagles 10

Heh heh heh.



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