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September 22, 2005

Unfair, why?

OK, so the big news in Philly today (reg req) is the big ol’ grand jury report of the abuses pepetrated upon children by priests over the last so many decades. Once again, the statutes in PA prevent any criminal or civil prosecution, so it’s pretty much the end of the story.


The only reaction I’ve heard from anyone in the Catholic hierarchy is, “The report is unfair.”

Unfair, why? Is it inaccurate? Please, someone explain why it’s unfair. I'm willing to have an open mind if someone can give me a decent argument.

Also, can someone tell me, seriously, why there are laws in just about every state requiring any suspected child abuse, but clergy are exempt from this mandatory reporting? And when legislature threatens to change this, clergy of all kinds come out against that? I understand that ministers/priests are counselors, and they consider any therapy to be betwixt them and their patients. But surely, they would want to be able to turn cases of abuse over to the authorities?



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