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September 08, 2005

A Compendium

1) I’ve been uber busy. My mom is down with us, as she and I are going out to Mini-soda (what did Missus Sip? Any Harveys out there will know what I’m referring to here.) this weekend for a wedding. So, between getting her down here, getting ready to go out there, bringing Stinky in to work because daycare closed, etc… breathing is optional. Therefore, no posting.

2) In fact, I’ve been too busy to even read blogs this week. So, no commenting, either. I don’t even really know what’s going on except, of course:

3) New Orleans / Mississippi… and what to say that hasn’t been said, better than I could say it. So I won’t.

4) XM has taken Michael Medved off in the afternoons (he was entertaining, to say the least) and replaced him with that shrew Dr. Laura. I listened to her yesterday afternoon as she told people common sense thing after common sense thing (of course, with the tact of a bull in a china shop. Aren’t I a good metaphor mixer?). Then she proceeded to tear into me for being a bad mother. Any mother who lets someone else watch her kids is a bad mother and shouldn’t have had kids, don’t you know. Where the hell was she 5+ years ago when John talked me into this whacko experiment to begin with?!?!?

5) Speaking of John and the Past, it’s our 10 year this month. We’re headed up to NYC for a weekend of childless debauchery and gluttony (thus firmly entrenching my role as a terrible mother). Anyone have any suggestions of what to do when we’re not drinking/eating? (keep it clean, this is an PG-13 rated site.)

6) In case you missed the update, the turkey fryer came. Though, I would like it better if it were a turkey friar. I hear they’re cool.



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