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September 15, 2005

The Return from the Great Bite North

It’s not winter, so it’s not white. But Minnesota has a different parasitic bug for every month, I’m certain. This month was biting gnats. The mosquitoes were still there, though, so have no fear on diverse pest representation.

People say the lakes area is beautiful. I guess it is. But I’m a city girl at heart, now. I think maybe I always was. And I practically kissed the tarmac in Philly when we deplaned.

For those who are curious, the wedding was quite charming. They didn’t have any music or alcohol at the reception. The reception was quite short. Not that I’m drawing any conclusions here… The bride was beautiful and happy, the bride’s father was unusually emotional (he who swore he would grin from ear to ear giving her away actually had watery eyes). No real comedy, no error at all, just a nice weekend with family.

Still glad to be home, though!



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