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September 02, 2005

A Little Something To Boggle The Mind

I realize this is quite commonplace, but thinking about Time Zones really makes my head spin.

See, Spaceley’s is a global corp, and I have sprocket makers reporting back to me from all over.

Some of them work in San Francisco, some in Tokyo, and others all between.

So if it’s 2pm here, it’s 11am in san fran, and it’s 3am in Tokyo. But it’s 3am tomorrow in Tokyo. Today.

And this is nothing compared to trying to figure out the time in one location, which is 9.5 hours ahead of us. (It goes something to the tune of, take your current time, subtract 2.5 hours and change am <-> pm.)

Don’t get me started on daylight savings time, either, which is observed, or not, on different days in different countries…

I realize, in a quite distant way, that time zones have to exist. Ditto for daylight savings. But the reality of dealing with it all is quite confusing to my birdbrain.



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