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June 09, 2013

The evolution of humor

So the dirty bird clan went out to dinner and a movie last night. Who would have believed that, right?  We went to see Now You See Me, which was pretty fun. Even John kinda liked it.

The theater we went to - the only one with an 8pm showing - has one restaurant next to it. It's a Max and Erma's. Besides having good burgers, which they do, they are one of those Eye Spy restaurants. You know, they have so much crap on the walls that to keep your kids from being bored while you get the burgers made you play eye spy? There was a goldfish. An upside down airplane. But the one that made me giggle was the one behind John's head: 

Now, I saw this, and giggled, so Stinks looked where I was looking and started giggling. He's 12. John then wanted to see what was funny, turned around and chortled a little bit. Moth looked over and was like, what's funny? He's 10. So, Dad says, Yes, that DownLine NewCastle is really funny!! Tim looked briefly confused but then agreed.

He's such an innocent little tyke!! (of course, Sean explained it, and then Tim guffawed. Innocence shattered!)

Fast forward a few minutes to our waitress coming and going a few times. She was really nice. But after she was out of earshot, I said to John, "Wow, she as a really interesting tattoo." And I snickered. He looked at me and we both snickered more. You see, she has the zodiac symbol for Cancer on her NECK. But if you know what that looks like... Let's just say, unless you know it is the zodiac symbol, well... it's advertising something WAAAY different. I only know it's a zodiac sign because I googled it this morning. I thought she was advertising something waaaay different:

Anyhow, Nosy Nelly (aka stinky) (moth is snoopy sally) chirps in with "what is her tatttoo?" Dad, being clever like he is, answers "It's a really big butterfly!!" To which our almost-teen does the Rogers Eye-Roll (TM) and says, "that's not funny! You guys are weird."

Fast forward a few more minutes, and we get our really tasty burgers. Delivered by our July Baby waittress. Before she's out of earshot, Stinks pipes in with "what's so funny about sixty-nine?" (so I guess he hasn't learned that in middle school yet.)

The people at the next table were quite amused, I'm sure. Even more so when Dad answered that people who advertise this number are members of a club that like to abuse animals.

So, Moth doesn't know what big nutts are, Stinks doesn't know what's funny about a 69, and I have the equivalent humor of a late-middle schooler. No surprises here!

And now, I must cleanse my body before I go cleanse my soul. This mind is beyond any surfactant. But what the heck, 2 out of 3 ain't bad.


Anonymous bigsis said...

This one made me laugh! Love it!

June 24, 2013 12:03 PM  
Blogger birdwoman said...

Kim should get one of those for his garage, no?

July 10, 2013 8:52 AM  

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