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May 28, 2013

Worship Your Gods!

So, the other day, we did what used to be on TV up in Harvey County - Skip Church on Sunday Morning. (Mr. Church was, I think, a news anchor on a Sunday Morning show. Quite the radical marketing ploy in NorthEast PA in the 70's!) Usually, we go to the 8:30 service then shopping from there. But I wanted to chill. So we just went shopping.

So, as we're loading the groceries into the back of the car, a car with two ladies - dressed to the Easter Sunday 9's - pulls up. The window goes down.

"Excuse me, could you tell us where the casino is?"

Ok, I had no idea there was a casino out near Valley Forge. But really? Sunday morning, 9am, dressed like you're going to church, and you're going to the casino?

Meanwhile, the golf gods are out in force in suburban Philly. Apparently, the course up the street is hosting the US Open in a few weeks. They're renting rooms from people for exorbitant rates. They're expanding train stops and REWIRING THE TRAIN LINE so that they could put a walkway from Haverford college to the golf course. They're CLOSING THE MAIN ROAD for over a week so the demigodlings won't be exposed to us sacrilegious peons. 

Now, the advertisers are getting in on the (haha) game. Every billboard at my stop has at least one golf reference. The train cars are covered in comcast adverts that hail the game.

All this so a bunch of dudes can walk around drunk and whack at balls with sticks.


And now, I'm going to go worship the American god - the almighty dollar. Time to get to work. At least it's Tuesday.



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