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January 10, 2013

When did that happen?

At some point in the last year, I got nailed.

No, really!!

So, a month or so ago, the dreaded "Court of Common Pleas" letter came to the dusty aviary. Tag. I'm it. Again.

It's standardized testing week at my school: Jury duty. State test monitoring. Root Canal. Same diff... So today is the day. I got to sleep in, all the normal day-off stuff, without the day off. Go out to drive to the courthouse, and realize I have a flat tire.

Good thing we have that cheap basketball pump. Got me to the gas station, which got me to the courthouse. (and back)

I took all my papers to grade and my noise cancelling headphones. 2 hours in, they call the first panel. Guess who's on it. Of course they had to pick me, I was being productive. Lord love a duck, lawyers can't stand it when people are being productive!

Well, so many minutes into "jury selection" it ends up that the lawyers are being argumentative or some such nonsense, and we have to break for the day and come back tomorrow. Maybe they were punishing me further for productive use of my time? Who knows.

Of course, we're still testing at school tomorrow, so I feel guilty, but I actually don't mind. And since I got my grading AND lesson plans for next week done today? I won't be productive tomorrow. So, they'll exclude me. I feel certain of this.

Meanwhile, I decided since I had the afternoon, and a mechanic's shop is no different than the jury lounge, I went to our local Midas and asked them to look at the tire. Sure enough. It had a nail in it. I'm betting it was from the new roof we got, but who knows when I got nailed. Not like it really matters at this point.



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