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May 03, 2013

That'll put you off your feed

Have you ever had to interact with someone whose teeth were obviously rotting?

Have you ever had to have a whispered, confidential conversation in a room of little pitchers with big ears?

Now, imagine attempting to have this conversation with the person in question.

I'll leave you to it.


Speaking of little pitchers, I've been thinking about the customs of youth these days. Especially the customs of young males.

In the wild, they size each other up  and often bash each other about the head to prove dominance. One could make the obvious comparison to football, but I'm sure some PhD anthropology thesis somewhere already has.

Primitive Cultures!!

But here in the city, I notice a strange behavior among the young males. Starting around 4th grade, they start sizing each other up with handshakes.

How weird is it to see the variety of handshakes among these little kids? There's the business shake, the "hey bro" pat on the shoulder while shaking shake. Then, there're the crazy bump, slap, slide, pinwheel combinations that they come up with.

It's almost like a secret language... that no girl anywhere has any interest in understanding. Of course, girls have the giggle language, so I suppose boys have to have something to counter that annoyance.

I wonder if my boys are learning this language? Is it just a city thing? I heard Stinky say that the Moth was "salty" the other day. At least Moth didn't reply that Stinks was "out of pocket." But does Sean greet his fellow scouts with a fist bump? A slide? Or the bro slap?

I do wonder.


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