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October 13, 2012

The frost is on the punkin...

Yes, I know it's pumpkin. But I like punkin better.

My sister (in law but at this point she's sister) made the BEST punkin cheesecake last week. Even my kids, who hate pumpkin, loved it. I will NOT ask for the recipe since my diet is going quite well, thank you.

It's going so well that I've had three former students who saw me for the first time ask if I'm sick! I think it must be sick if that pleases me.

Scary part? I'm still supposedly about 15 pounds "overweight". Sigh.

So I made cake this morning. It smells DELICIOUS. It's carrot cake.

I hate carrot cake.

Not even a big fan of carrots, though I eat them daily. I eat them all afternoon, because I never get through my lunch during my lunch break. My students think it's hysterical that I eat carrots every day. They now call me Roger Rabbit.

Better than many things I've been called, I'm sure.


Speaking of school, Stinky is doing really well in school this year. Something's kicked in, and he's enjoying it. Unbelievably, his fave class is music. Music. That he's ALWAYS hated.

I guess a teacher can really make a difference!

Mothy, on the other hand, has dropped in performance. He's in every sport his little legs can carry him to, and he's enjoying them. But he's not a fan of school anymore. He has this thing - if he can't get something right the first time, he has no patience for it. If we make him sit and figure it out, then he loves it.

He loves being successful, and has no time to deal if he's not.

I guess he's human, after all. :)


The frost is on the pumpkin. Fall is upon us, and it is beautiful, and I am thankful for it. John? Not so much. He's always hated the cold. Funny he married me. Doesn't get much colder :)

Have a good day, and pass it on!


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