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September 25, 2012

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

That was a familiar phrase in the Harvey household when I was a kid. (Another was, "you won second prize in a beauty contest... the only other contestant was a Doberman Pincer. We were all sore losers except Mary, cause she's perfect.)

This phrase came to mind today when I was reading the New Scientist:  "Lowest US carbon emissions won't slow climate change."

The gist of it is, the US has beaten their Kyoto protocols, even though we never ratified the thing. Why? Because of fracking! We're burning methane instead of coal, and it's leading to a ton of lower emissions. Yeah, us, right?


It seems, with our evil capitalist ways, that we've taken to SELLING (gasp!) the coal that we don't use, allowing OTHER (dirty?) countries to BURN EVIL COAL and HAVE RELIABLE ELECTRICITY! How dare we?

So, we're still the great Satan. Better than being the "chosen people" that Israel is, I suppose. They've been getting crap for 4000 years or so. We've only been getting crap for about 50. I guess that's not so bad, in the scheme.


Meanwhile, in the land of bird, we've been having a good back to school. The standardized test results finally came, and Stinky, contrary to the second to lowest track he's been placed in at school, scored high proficient in math and exceeds in reading.  He's now, after seeing this, excited about school again. I think I underestimate how a good report will encourage someone.

Moth on the other hand scored very well in math, but can't see the forest for the trees in English. So we are trying to figure out how to get meaning out of big words. Stinks was the opposite - he always got the meaning, but the details escape him.

So alike, yet SO DIFFERENT! How did my mother handle 8? God bless.

And, as tiny tim (not mine, for sure) might say, god bless you, each and every one!



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