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August 31, 2012

a word (or two) about social sites

So I am on that noseybook site, and I generally quite enjoy it. But there's been a pet peeve or two of mine that I simply cannot remain silent about any longer.

A person continually puts up posts that really bother me. They are reminiscent of that "people of walmart" website, only not as funny. She denigrates anything that she sees as fashion faux-pas, and many times, they aren't THAT bad. They aren't Paris runway hopefuls, but they are acceptable, if anachronistic.
The thing is, though she might have a great wardrobe, otherwise? She has no leg to stand on. She is no princess. I always thought she was nice, but heck. It would be like me making fun of peoples' haircuts. Constantly. When my hair looks like a haystack, at the best of times. And to habitually rip apart perfect strangers' appearances is quite mean, I think. Am I wrong?

Speaking of small, other friends will put up political hoo ha. Tis the season, and all that. One friend is die-hard lib, and I completely ignore the smacks he takes at the entire republican party. He is my friend, and it is his opinion. Another friend is a conservative, and he's more likely to praise the republicans than bash the dems, but either way I stay out.

I have no horse in the political arena. I tend to be socially uber liberal and fiscally relatively conservative. I think that puts me toward the libertarian end of the spectrum. I like some things about the President, and I dislike some things. Same with the former President. Everyone has a right to like and dislike whatever they want, right?

But there is a line. Disagree with President Obama, but don't tear down all the dems. Dislike President Bush all you want, but why denigrate all the republicans? I think it is incredibly small and petty and silly to try to make your point by tearing down the entire other side. Bad enough when the media does it. Doing it on facebook shows that you can follow a meme, can be a hater, but have a hard time thinking for yourself, IMO. Especially when you rip the whole PARTY which is not the politicians, but a group of people who have common beliefs. People who are your neighbors, relatives, coworkers, and maybe even your friends.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. I am not a tactful person. I am not, generally, a nice person. I really wish that the people I respect would be better than I am. Yep, I'm a hypocrite.

end rant



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