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April 09, 2009

More KidIsms

Previously, I've documented the presence of such Aviary terms as "fire-steaks" (barbeque) and "dirty sugar" (never did figure out what that was - just not good tasting). The moth came up with a new one yesterday.

I am home with the kids, so we're tromping around. We got out of the car at the local strip mall to go to the video place. It smelled... well, fragrant. They had just dumped a huge load of mulch, and that stuff stinks when first delivered. Tim gets out of the car and says, "Eeeewww, it smells like New Jersey out here!!" 

Of course, I laughed a great deal. Then I tried to figure out: why New Jersey? So I asked.

"Dad always says New Jersey stinks!"

ain't it the truth!




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