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February 19, 2009

Townhall Meeting - my first

And last.

Oh. My. God.

My local Congressman, Joe Sestak, had a town hall on the phone tonight. Stumping the stimulus, I suppose. I decided to listen to hear what the word on the street is.

The first question I heard was this codger asking what was in this for seniors. You see, he explained, he had never had to pay for health insurance in his life. And he was peeved that now, when he is retired, the government made him pay $90 last month.

Congressman Sestak assured him that he was fighting for more money for seniors.

It went downhill from there.

There was the woman who wanted more money for child care. She has child care businesses, but not enough people can afford her rates. Why don’t we subsidize more childcare?

Congressman Sestak assured her that they were pouring as much into education as they could, and he was going to get more. It’s a priority for him.

There was the woman who wanted more money for mental health care – they need long term care. They need drugs and places to live, otherwise they are going to come back to their parents. And then it comes out that her child is one of these, and she’s tired of caring for him.

Congressman Sestak says that they’re going to appropriate over 3 billion dollars for mental challenges mostly because the soldiers are coming home with post traumatic stress disorder. Mental Health is “the biggest health challenge of any disease in America.”

I get the feeling with him, everything is the worst, and money is the only solution.

There was not a single, solitary soul who questioned where the hades this money was coming from.

People are completely nuts. Completely. Nuts.




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