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March 26, 2010

It's Spring!

It's spring and all of the dirty birds are fluttering about the dusty aviary. The new news in town - our neighbor has moved out and her house is being sold.

Stinky and the Moth are quite into who will be moving in, and if they meet the Lee Circle requirements - at least one male progeny under the age of 12.

Last Saturday, Stinky walked into the house, steam pouring out of his ears.

"Mom. These girls. They were in OUR fort! They said they were buying the house and they were going to take our fort and CLEAN IT AND MAKE IT PRETTY!"

The horrors!

I tried to calm him down, but then the Moth joined in the fray. It would be the end of Kids' Creek as we know it (sob!)


It doesn't help that the girl across the street has decided to openly pick on Sean at school. It's not hard. He is like me - easily roused.

She accused him of spying on her. She brought this up every day, just to get his goat. Then, when he stopped defending himself, she added a new twist. He, apparently, likes to look at her NAKED!

This got Moral Majority Stinky in action mode. He went to the GUIDANCE counselor! He complained to Mom and Dad! This Evil Girl Must Be Stopped! I merely looked at him and said "say something like "I wouldn't spy on you, I don't like to throw up!"" He looked at me, then smiled.

We haven't heard about the spying stuff since then. AND we haven't gotten a call from the guidance counselors. Wins all around.


To finish off the week, the girls' parents did not put a bid on the house. But another set of parents supposedly did. They have 2 boys. One is 9 and one is 6. Pray for the adults on this block. We need all the help we can get.




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