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September 07, 2011

The Joys of Public Transport

And you think I’m saying that sarcastically, don’t you? But I’m not. I love not having to drive.

My new job, for those not in the know, is right smack dab downtown. I hop on the train in my backyard, transfer to the sub, et le voila, as the French would say.

45 minutes later, usually, I’m at work, and it’s been stress-free for me. I can grade, or read, or what not. Usually, I what not. I’ll leave it up to you, gentle reader, to decide what exactly what not is.

Today, though, was crazytown. It was raining, but it wasn’t just rain. It was inundation from the heavens. I had said on FB that I skipped my run this morning, because I thought Thor was just waiting for me to step out for him to go medieval on my buttocks. These “bands” of storms are practically bi-polar. It’s dry; it’s a monsoon. So, I fooled Thor. Until I had to go from my car to the train.

Apparently, he was displeased. So he smote a tree across the train lines for the major train. All those folks overflowed onto my train… standing room only. Then, the drunk guy got on.

I ask you, how can you be drunk at 6:45am?

He was talking about money (how much he had, while counting it) and asking if he dropped anything. Repeatedly. While greeting everyone and performing some unpracticed piece of rap. By the time we got off the train, I had been subject to discourse on how that one pretty lady should be a nurse, because pretty nurses are the best… and how the one kid was really tall because drunk dude was six one, and looksee, he has to look up at the kid… and how there is no socioeconomic equality and how 2012 is really gonna happen, just look at the earthquake we had last week!

The only good part was that, due to the crowd on the train, I couldn’t get close enough to get the waft of Mad Dog. 


Blogger cube said...

It's nice to have quiet, drunk-person-free time to read each day.

September 12, 2011 1:38 PM  
Blogger birdwoman said...

It sure enough is!

November 20, 2011 12:15 PM  

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