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January 21, 2010

my dog, the spooky bibliophobe

Loki the dog continues to live up to his name. He is a mischief maker. But he has one really weird personality quirk. He is afraid of books. Yes, books. They spook him out, especially if you fan the pages. He steps back, tilts his head, then barks at it and runs in circles.

Speaking of weird phobias, I was on a blog today - little green footballs. I remember that site being too uber conservative for me back in the day. Then I was reading somewhere, don't recall, how LGF was ignoring the fact that the IPCC changed its mind on global warmening.

Last I knew, LGF guys were doubters, not believers.

Lo and behold, there has been a sea change over at LGF! They are moderate these days, with some leaners from both sides giving a lot of thoughtful argument and creative insult. It's kind of fun to lurk in their comments! If you are a moderate, like me, head on over. It's a great place to kill a few minutes when you're waiting for your next class of victims... errrr students.



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